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  • By way of background, I have been using WordPress for a while and know how to use the feaures I use reasonably competently, but am by no stretch a computer wiz or a seasoned user of WordPress other than the little corner I use regularly.

    On my site, we use posts solely to create the home page, and the bulk of the substance of the site is presented in pages. It has relatively static content, except for a few pages that are updated periodically.

    I want to set up another user (a helper) to add files (.pdf and Excel) to be linked to pages of the site. Also they should be able to edit only designated pages on the site (mainly the ones that contain the the links to the files added), but not create or edit posts or other pages or have any admin functions.

    This seems like it ought to be very easy to do, but none of the “Roles” seems to have the right combination of permissions I want. I have poked around for online resources, but no joy.

    I suspect I need some kind of widget plug-in, but right there I am over my head. I am willing to research and work and learn, so can someone please point me in the right direction to a solution? I am stuck.



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