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  • I want to change a user’s status to editor (I have the roles plugin) but I was wondering if they would have the capability of erasing and/or changing what I wrote. If not, is there a way I could stop them from editing and/or changing content that I provided?

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  • Okay, I made a user and set them to editor and apparently they can alter the admin’s content. Is there any way to add an exclusion to who you don’t want an editor to be able to change. In other words, is there some way to change some file so that I can exclude myself from the system when the option for editing content arises?

    Sorry Moshu for the double post…I realized the mistake as soon as I saw your warning for the other guy. Won’t happen again; I was a bit peeved because I couldn’t change the title of this post to indicate what I was newly looking for. Have you any ideas though?

    –Meanwhile, Spiewgels was on hands and knees begging…–

    Is there a snippet of php that would allow only the admin or level 10 user to modify the admin’s posts/pages?

    Maybe something in the way of starting in this fashion:

    <?php if (!current_user_can('level 10'))
    {Some code that I have no idea how to write to exclude editor from modifying my posts (admin level or user id=1)and pages

    Maybe I could upload this as a plugin and then activate??? If not, some file to insert this into? I graciously ask the wordpress community (Spiewgels humbly bowing)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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