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  • I’m having some major speed issues when Role Scoper is used on my site with 300+ pages.

    The problem is mainly Dashboard slowness. This can lead to my site being un-usable at times as it becomes impossible to administer the system.

    I did some speed checks using a query count to see what effect Role Scoper had on my dashboard. The following data is from simply swapping between the WP dashboard ‘Plugins’ page to the WP dashboard ‘Pages’ page
    while activating de-activating certain plugins:

    No Role Scoper – Test 1:
    49 queries in 1.552 seconds

    With Role Scoper – Test 2:
    75 queries in 2.874 seconds

    No Role Scoper – Test 3:
    49 queries in 1.905 seconds (pretty much same as Test 1)

    With Role Scoper – Test 4:
    75 queries in 2.484 seconds (again, similar to Test 2)

    No Plugis At All – Test 1:
    40 queries in 1.831 seconds

    No Plugis – Test 2:
    40 queries in 1.311 seconds

    These figures are based on a larger test I did to find out the main resource hog on the server. Of course, other plugins combined are causing more queries but from my tests the real problem appears when RS is active.

    The issue tends to culminate in my server falling apart and pretty much all of my 1gb memory being eaten up.

    Here is a table of server usage from one of the spikes:

    As you can see the site ticks along at a decent 30/40mb rate but when I’m doing work on my pages or using RS to modify users the site balloons to over 900mb memory usage which tops out my server.

    I’m doing other investigations and checking my site from all angles but RS does seem to be one of the most resource heavy plugins I use so I thought I would post this to really ask are these figures normal?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    The wp-admin query count and execution time look normal for Role Scoper (with your tests also showing a sizable load time variation from other server variables). I’m working to improve both and will let you know when you can beta test a better-performing version that retains all the current functionality.

    Not so sure about the server usage data. I’m interested in corresponding with you on that but not ready to call it “normal” Role Scoper performance results. Do you show anything in the PHP error log?

    Hit my contact form if you’d like to send on any more extensive diagnostic data.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    I’m wondering, are you using lots of propagated or direct-assigned Page Restrictions? If so, an equivalent configuration using Default Page Restrictions may give better performance under the current RS version.

    Hey Kevin 🙂

    Thanks for the clarification. I was shocked that the queries almost doubled at times when using RS and my site was on its last legs so I thought there was a bigger problem afoot.

    Anyhow, if these figures are normal that’s fine 🙂 I’ve spent the past week re-working my server and had to re-build my site from the bottom up and everything seems to be working normal now. I have yet to re-activate RS however.

    I use RS on this site purely to give users access to sub-page sections of the site so they can add/edit and re-work a ‘section’ within the hierarch. I’ve only had max 4 users set up in this way and it has worked great so am planning to sort this back out now my site is healthy again.

    In the end my problem was a little unique as my server had some major WP issues that had to be sorted out.

    Anyway, I have a dev server set up now with the same site mirrored SO I can do some tests without taking my site down, phew :-p

    Will feedback any findings.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    Make sure the “Internal Cache” option is enabled, to reduce DB queries and execution time.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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