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  1. jenbaldwin
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I would like users who are "contributors" to be able to upload photos with their posts. However, the plugin I found to do this (Role Manager) also gives "contributors" access to the site's entire Media Library. This means any user who is a "contributor" can delete photos from the website. I don't want to give them this capability. I only want them to be able to upload photos with their posts. Is there any other plugin that would do this? I'm using WP version 2.8.2 and the Mimbo theme. Thank you.

  2. joshmac
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Are you sure about that. They may be able to view the entire media library, but the only links available to them for files they did not upload is "view", which directs them to the published blog post and not the edit page. I use this plugin for a community video site. Under Users > Roles > Contributor|User Role, I only have the following enabled: Read,Delete Posts,Edit Posts,Upload Files,Edit Published Posts,Publish Posts, and the User Level set at 1. This will allow your users to Edit and Post anything they have submitted as articles or Media.

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