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    After upgrading to v3.5, this one of the many bizarre behaviors that I’m experiencing with my WP site. Namely, one of my posts suddenly displays an unwanted/rogue ‘container’ for lack of a better term (that I did not insert there in any way at all) at the bottom of the page. This container contains images that are links (I’ve not clicked on any of the links as a precaution). Here’s the curious thing: when I access this post from my ‘Blog’ menu dropdown list, the rogue/unwanted container does not show up. But, if I access the same post from another menu dropdown list (New content), then the rogue container with the image links re-appears?!
    I’m getting tired of doing the old deactivate/activate plugins routine to troubleshoot the issue, as that doesn’t work. Here’s a link to my website:
    The post is: (title: The Renege-Ssance Series). You can access this post from the Blog-2012 dropdown menu list (which doesn’t display the problem) and from the New content-The Renege-Ssance Series (which does show the problem).

    Many thanks to whoever will have some ideas about this nagging problem.
    Pierre D.

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  • The malicious code is <script src=''></script> which has probbaly been inserted via a malicious plugin or theme. Try deactivating plugins and change theme to debug which is causing the problem.

    If neither is the issue then you have a problem. You have other malicious files on your server which may be more difficult to find as they could be anywhere.

    Hi Tomontoast

    Well, I went through the ‘ol plugin deact routine again. And, who would have ‘Knowd’! After de-activating the ‘Knowd traffic counter’ pluging, the rogue container/image object so far has not reappeared. I wonder if the folks at Knowd knewd about this issues 😉

    Now, another problem for another post: my site doesn’t appear anymore on mobile after the 3.5 upgrade: help! 😉

    Thanks and cheers,

    Its a (sort of) spam plugin. This is exactly what that plugin is designed to do. Make spam links to

    What do you mean? I can view your normal site on my mobile device.

    I just got my site to work on mobile moments ago. I went to my WPTouch plugin settings page and simply saved my existing settings (no changes in the settings), and that seemed to kick-start things? Go figure.

    I’ll mark this one as resolved. I’m not touching any Knowd plugins for a while.

    Many thx again!
    Pierre D.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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