• This plugin tries to use arrays before checking if they exist in over a dozen locations. For those thinking everything is wonderful, you should try turning debug on and see for yourself. WPUF currently throws at least 5 errors on every page load. This is a first year mistake that any decent developer could fix in an hour. Also these people claim to be WooCommerce contributors but WooCommerce does not support this claim.

    Also it sure is interesting that the majority of the people leaving the praise only have one review on their account.

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  • Hi @ususipse,

    This is a Free Open Source plugin. If you find any bug you can always report on https://github.com/weDevsOfficial/wp-user-frontend even better if you can send a pull request fixing any bugs.


    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    I’ve failed to see that if you have been co-operative or just bluntly complaining saying it’s broken and we suck. Or maybe you misunderstand open-source? I’m sorry, but that’s what it sounds like.

    Being a open-source plugin you are free to give back to any project, or atleast be helpful. If you can’t code, you could’ve opened a support ticket saying we could/should fix the errors you found. Instead you are rating the plugin as worst as possible, but it’s not helping anyone. You are also being suspicious about the reviews, as if we paid them to do that. No, those are happy users. We just asked if they want to put a review if they liked the plugin or our support.

    Being a plugin in the free repository doesn’t mean you get the chance to say anything you like. Instead of complaining, be helpful.

    I very clearly told you the issue in the first line of the review.
    I do not work for you so you can forget me teaching you how to properly use an array. You should have learned that in your first year.
    Also I am keen to see your WooCommerce contribution.
    You should really provide a link for that.
    Finally open source is often used by unscrupulous folks to copy and paste others work in order to sell a poorly coded ‘Pro’ module and gain clout. Remember that I never said you paid for reviews. You did.
    I never said ‘you suck’ or anything personal and I clearly laid out what you need to get your plugin up to best practice standards. I know the truth hurts but if you can not take proper critique then you are in the wrong business.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Hi all, I’m just stepping in as a moderator and I am not on anyone’s side in this matter.

    @ususipse, Could you be a little less personal, or even better, not at all please? You never said “you suck”, but you more than implied it with “This is a first year mistake that any decent developer could fix in an hour”.

    In my experience, reviews that include personal remarks get handled poorly if at all.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Sorry for the second note but I just saw your remark on someone else’s review. I can see no evidence of fakery going on or anything that looks extortionate, biased or paid for in some way. Let’s not entertain this further.

    I can appreciate that Andrew. I had the same thought. I am not out to cause grief but rather provide quality control.

    Every coder should learn to check an array before using it very early in their career. ‘First year mistake’ seems to fit the bill. I suppose the word decent might be a bit judgemental but I felt at liberty to add an opinion or two. It certainly is not the worst thing posted about this plugin on this forum. xD

    What is frustrating here is that we are focusing on the Authors taking my criticism personally and their feelings and ignoring the fact that their plugin throws 5 errors on every page load.

    I might be a bit hyperbolic by suggesting the rogue copy but that is my impression after reading the code and the unsubstantiated contribution claim to WooCommerce.

    Since I did list the issue and it is very easy to fix the cause I will do you Andrew and WordPress in general the favor of updating my review if the Authors are able to sort these arrays properly within the month. Also I do not intend to entertain that further as you say. Everyone feels the same way about a company with a no refund policy.

    Over a month later and not only was the original issue ignored but now WPUF just broke a client’s site. One of the versions after 2.8.1 makes a mistake in the database that breaks file uploads so that no images can be saved properly.
    Considering this and the fact that Tariq was more concerned with reporting me to the Administrator for pointing out my perceived plagiarism than addressing my declaration has confirmed my suspicions.

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