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  • One of my newfound favorite plugins, Miniblog, is misbehaving.

    I’ve scoured the plugin file and cannot find anywhere in it where the problem might be. And it’s not affecting each of my layouts, only certain ones. But the fact that the code is there and is wreaking havoc is bothersome.

    If you View Source on my blog page, and look at the code under My To Do List, you’ll see that right before each closing </li> there is this:

    <div class='float-clear></div>

    As I said, on most of my layouts, everything behaves normally. You wouldn’t even know there is a problem. However on other layouts, and specifically with Kubrick, the display will sail along just fine until it gets to the first ending </li>. Then BAM! It drops the rest of the sidebar down beneath the very last post on the page!!!

    As for this rogue code, I don’t know why it’s there. I didn’t put it there. I don’t think the plugin put it there. Did WordPress put it there, and if so, WHY?! Is there a way I can create a class “float-clear� and try to outsmart it by putting in some code (what code?) so that it doesn’t take this suicide plunge down to the bottom of the page?

    Thanks for any help. Also, I DO have an email in to the plugin’s author, but since I couldn’t find anything in the plugin file remotely indicating that this plugin is putting that code in there, I suspect it has something to do with WP itself. AND if you go to the plugin author’s page, his miniblog DOES NOT have this code in it either! There must be something in my particular WordPress install that is causing this but I don’t know what it is!

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  • Update: Well, I just put the following code in the Kubrick style sheet and it went away:

    .float-clear { display: none; }

    All’s well that ends well, but I’d sure like to know why it shows up at all!

    P.S. I tried to edit the post but didn’t see the “Edit” link.

    joni – <sheepishly> I think CG-Inline could be the culprit… I could be wrong, but I’ll throw this out there! 😉

    There’s a variable called $force_content_clears that if set to false in say wp-config.php would disable that. It’s an errant piece of code/function that exists because of the legacy of the CG plugins ‘powering’ CHAITGEAR. The float-clear thing I use numerous places in my code (my sideblock functions use it as well, apparently!), but the reasoning behind it may now be just plain outdated… Certainly, the CG-PowerPack everyone is using is NOT 100% being used on CHAITGEAR at this time, so I don’t always catch things.

    $force_content_clears can also be defaulted to false at the top of cg-inline.php, if this is in fact the cause. I’m not sure WHY it isn’t defaulting false, as I’m pretty sure I added the flag specifically for people experiencing similar issues… I’ll change the default for the next release (maybe tomorrow if I’ve got cycles — lots of fixes have gotten in over the past few weeks here and there).


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