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  • Put up a brand new edition of my Devils Lake Rock Climbing commercial site about a month ago. Much more comprehensive and united than the last version, which combined WordPress with Joomla. Now it’s all WP, much easier to edit and work with. And I love the single-page homepage concept. My main worry is all the scrolling on the homepage will trouble users who aren’t web savvy.

    Observations? Critiques? Would love to hear your thoughts or any error reports. Thanks!


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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    – Your navigation menu disables the appearance of the focused element when tabbing through.

    – Your text contrast is poor . For text smaller than 18 pixels aim for a 4.5:1 foreground-to-background colour ratio. See this tool.

    – Your focused state in general has poor visibility, try using something like:

    :focus {
      border: 2px solid yellow;

    – You’re missing “h2” headings underneath your “h1” headings of, “Explore a Climbing Day” and “About DLCG”.

    – Try using text shadow on the text in front of your sliding banner, to increase the text readability: [screenshot]

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    I don’t know if that’ll be useful to you. Your website is very similar to the theme it derives so it may be better addressing this with the people who sold it to you.

    hi nawilkes,
    Your page has so many things and yet the page loading was so quick. Congrats for loading speed.

    The background image selections are excellent, all images loads at lightning speed.

    Here are a few quick things you can work on:

    1) Get a logo – it helps in improving your brand, your readers will remember it.

    2) Get a favicon

    3) Get some social media voting buttons on your single post pages – Your content is too good, it will spread like viral on the social media,

    You have got a great blog,
    keep it updated,

    Andrew Nevins: Thanks for you feedback. I understood comments 2, 4 & 5 (you’re right, I will address), right off, but had to research a bit about #1 and #3. The nav wasn’t disabling the focus element, but the colors were an exact match, so the focus box was invisible. Use your yellow edit suggestion, so that seems fixed. Thanks.

    staytamed: Thanks! I know I need a logo and favicon… I’m working on it. Regarding the social voting buttons, I have installed those on sites before, but nobody ever seem to use them. Maybe I’m not getting the material to the right audience… not sure. Good suggestion, just the same.

    Super helpful, much appreciated!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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