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  • Hello,

    Been having this issue for a few days now since I updated my theme to Pocket Theme by Mike Mcalister. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the theme and most likely the YouTube-embed handler which allows you to use custom fields for lifting in a YouTube-video. The embedded video doesn’t play in Chrome, but seem to work in Firefox and Safari.

    Anyway, I have a robots.txt ( ), it’s a created file uploaded via FTP and not the virtual kind. I also have the Google Sitemap XML-plugin installed which generates a sitemap located at

    When I try to send the sitemap to Google via Webmaster Tools, I get a robots.txt access denied reply (Couldn’t fetch your sitemap as we found a robots.txt in the root but couldn’t access it).

    I’m going bananas now, what could be the problem? Why can’t Google access the robots.txt and/or the sitemap? And why isn’t the embedded videos playing in Chrome? Could they be related?

    Any help appreciated!

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