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  • I’m having an issue with my robots.txt file in Google specifically. I see this message:

    Text of http://columbusgadeals.com/robots.txt

    User-agent: *
    Allow: /
    <!-- www.000webhost.com Analytics Code -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://analytics.hosting24.com/count.php"></script>
    <noscript><a href="http://www.hosting24.com/"><img src="http://analytics.hosting24.com/count.php" alt="web hosting" /></a></noscript>
    <!-- End Of Analytics Code -->

    and because of the analytics code it is returning a Syntax not understood message for each line. I have checked and checked and checked for this code to remove it but I cannot. I thought I did the trick when I turned the analytics from my host off and when you visit columbusgadeals.com/robots.txt, the code is not there.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong? Please help…

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  • Andy Christian


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    Looks like your host was adding the analytics code to the bottom of every file in your WordPress directory. Try installing a google analytics plugin instead.

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