• Wondering how fast anything is being developed on the features roadmap. We’ve had licensed SP pro for several years and it doesn’t seem like very much has been added. only a couple of updates with mainly basic bugfixes. One of the things I was looking for was the ability to add the venue location to the event blocks. Would make it much less confusing to users when we have multiple gyms. WOuld also help to be able to do a better display/separation bar of the details in the block as it can also be a bit confusing to the user.

    The location ability was supposedly placed on the roadmap 3 years ago https://wordpress.org/support/topic/venu-in-event-blocks/
    Any info? Thanks

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  • Yes, Sportspress doesn’t have any actual updates. There is no point in renewing your Pro subscription. You just have to see the ideaboard where there are things on the first pages that still have not been added and have been doing so for several years (import, detailled stats, attendance, etc). I wonder where the money for pro subscriptions is going ! For example, a few months ago, Savvas, had promised to add the colors for the ranking, it is still not added.

    Just look at the changelog, to see that the plugin has been the same for a few years. As you say, some very light additions (like new filters, a few lines of code are enough), bugfixes, but no real major additions.

    For example, I had requested this feature (to display the matches of the day). It hasn’t even been done, when in reality you only need to add a single simple line of code to do it! https://wordpress.org/support/topic/the-matches-of-the-day/

    What also bothers me is that all forum topics are “resolved”, which is actually totally wrong (like my topic for example). This is not correct at all.

    I am quite disappointed.

    All kinds of ‘enhancements’ are ‘promised’ to be in ‘the next update’. However, the ‘next update’ is never announced, let alone implemented. Indeed, many suggested ideas on their forum are ‘accepted’ as being ‘very good’, but some of them got that label several years ago, and nothing has been done with these ‘very good ideas’.

    And it’s not just that there’s no real roadmap, also issues reported in the support forum are either not addressed at all, or they’re labelled ‘resolved’ when they are absolutely NOT.

    I really wonder what kind of people are behind this plug-in. The more I work with this ‘plug-in’, the more I resent it, to be honest.

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    Hi guys!

    This is not the right place to discuss premium products.

    @bruceo please get in touch in the Pro channel and we’d be glad to check this one for you.


    See, you’re not answering the question. This question does not concern the pro version. Don’t be ostrich.

    We want real roadmaps and real update.

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    @plou Your account has been flagged for moderation, which means your posts will need to be approved by a forum moderator.

    Please refrain from attacking people in the forums like this. Jumping on someone else’s support post without any offer of actual help, and just slamming on the developer, doesn’t fix anything. We get that you’re commiserating, but your way about it is harmful.

    Also the developer is 100% correct. This is someone with a pro-license, and they should be asking for help via the pro-contacts. Premium purchases cannot be discussed in the free forums. This is our policy, and they are correct to be replying in that manner.

    Now, if the OP doesn’t get any help from the official, pro, channels, they should leave a review stating as such. That is permitted, as the plugin has upsold the pro version from the free one.

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