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  • Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Here are the features/changes that we are planning to make to our Easy Google Fonts Plugin in future:

    High Priority Features

    • Add Background Color Control
    • Add Margin Controls in the Customizer
    • Add Padding Controls in the Customizer
    • Add Border Controls in the Customizer
    • Rewrite the Customizer integration in order to increase performance.

    Secondary Features/Actions

    • Allow the user to scroll through fonts using the mouse wheel (Note: it is already possible to scroll through preview fonts in the customizer using the up/down buttons on your keyboard)
    • Rewrite the plugin using Object Oriented principles
    • Create a github repo for this plugin

    If you have used our plugin and have an idea for a new feature for this plugin, please comment below and we will add it to our development roadmap in the future if it is viable. Thanks for using our plugin, we hope you find it useful!

    Also if you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this plugin please shoot us an e-mail at


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  • I just tried Easy Google Fonts and I love it! The list of upcoming features is impressive. I’d like to suggest also background images with settings, and title/tagline fonts. Then EGF would cover all the basics of most themes.

    Thanks for sharing this totally awesome plugin. 🙂

    Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Hi WebTrooper,
    Thanks for the kind words, glad you find the plugin useful! Just to give you an update I have completed most of the above all that’s left is the border controls. A few things:

    • When you say title/tagline fonts could you give me an example please?
    • Could you give me a good use case for adding background images to font elements? The intention of this plugin is to solely control typography, I don’t want to roam outside of this too much and add too many settings, but if you can give me a good use case I’m open to considering it.


    I should have said share some thoughts rather than suggestions, as I was really just thinking aloud. Background image is in reference to your adding background color control. Hmm…. I was thinking body background, but now I realize you’re referring to font background. My mistake. 🙂

    By title/tagline I’m referring to the site logo, assuming they’re not using a graphic logo, and the slogan below it, “Just another WordPress blog. But I realize that may not be practical, since different themes would require different ways to target those elements, beyond the standard header and p tags.

    Anyway, it’s a great plugin. I’m setting up a multisite community and I know the bloggers are going to enjoy using it.

    header tags (h1-h6) don’t work on most of the templates I’ve tried. Using Chrome code inspector I can get them to work by adding !important to the style inspector. Is there a way I can add !important to the css generated by egf?


    Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Please could you start a new thread on the support forum and I’ll be happy to give you a hand with that.


    Hi there,

    Amazing plugin I have to say. I would like to request a feature: make the settings available in the multisite admin Dashboard, to be able to define the behaviour in the individual websites.

    It would be awesome if in addition to create controls, you offered the possibility to select which of the default controls are available, sometimes I need to give the users only some options to cutomize.

    Thanks for your great work!

    Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I’m interested in exploring the multi-site settings page further and will look into it for a future release (however I won’t be adding an interface to control which default controls are available as this can be done using php). Thanks for your great suggestion!


    P.S Just wondering if you could rate the plugin when you get a spare moment. Thanks 🙂

    Can i suggest a font preview in the dropdown selection? And also a possibility to target css element and put in the selector box without knowing too much of the technical know-how.

    Yet another enthusiastic user here – but too much is never enough!!

    I’m working with a child theme of Pexeto’s Dandelion. I’ve made a number of customization’s to various font elements that now live in ‘style.css’

    It seems with this PI, I’ll be able to clean out the style file – but – the menu in ‘Typography’ will be getting a bit long. Just wondering if it might be useful to have two sub-menus under ‘Typography’ : “Core” and “Custom” – or something like that. In the Core would be all the core H1…H6 elements – and such, and under the Custom would be those user-created items. Just to keep the menu-length from getting out of hand.
    =Alan R.


    I am running through some test scenarios, in preparation for a possible implementation of your plugin on our network. I thought I would include a couple of suggestions here. Thanks for your consideration!

    1. Font Filtering
    It’s a bit cumbersome to scroll through all of the fonts. Could there be another way to filter, at very least by the sections in the scroll (Standard Web Fonts, Google display, Google serif, Google sans-serif, Google Handwriting, Google Monospace). From a usability perspective, another quick dropdown to filter these is preferable to the never-ending scrolling.

    2. CSS styles for unused selectors
    In the source code, I can see that all of the default selectors from the plugin are added as styles – even if they aren’t being used. Would it be possible to only include them in the code if they are used?

    3. Google API for Multi-Site Network
    Would it be possible to enable a Google API for an entire Multi-Site network, instead of requiring individual users to add their own?
    (I also asked about this in the Google API thread, but I thought it should also be added here in case it isn’t something that can currently be done)

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Hi blepharisma,
    Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated. Just to address your feedback:

    1. Font Filtering: This is a great idea. I am going to add this to our development roadmap and explore how I can make this large list easier to navigate.
    2. CSS styles for unused selectors: There is a way to unregister the default controls (and even define your own ones) via php by hooking into a filter in the plugin. If you want to know how to do this just start a new thread in the support forum.
    3. Google API for Multi-Site Network: There is a way to set the api key for your multisite network via php by hooking into a filter. Start a new thread in the support forum and I’ll give you a hand with it.

    Let me know your thoughts. Cheers


    I have been trying every solution I can find out there when it comes to incorporating google fonts into the customizer and this is close to being the best. I especially admire that you guys are smart enough to use sliders for the numbers for easy mouse use and also like how every setting respects a theme default and can be turned off. Unfortunately I found one thing that made it a no go for now – having to select each font one at a time to see what it looks like. I ended up going with a paid plugin which allows mouse wheel scroll (like you mentioned in your roadmap) but the hover effect over the select list as you scroll with the mouse wheel allows it to flicker through real time previews as you go. In other words, it previews the font in real time on hover, rather than on click. this allows you to much more effectvely use the mousewheel and glide down the select list at great speed as you check out the ever changing font in your website as you go. Unfortunately the other plugin was not as well presented as yours, and made too many assumptions about how I want to group my options but this particular factor was too important to ignore and was the deal maker / breaker for me. if your plugin did this I would happily donate and even toss the paid one in favour of this.

    Plugin Author Sunny Johal


    Hi yunck,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for the kind words. I’m currently exploring how I can make the font list even easier to navigate. I am definately going to add mouse wheel support soon, however it is unlikely that I’ll be adding the hover functionality that you are referring to. This is because the complexity that it introduces with touch devices outweighs the implementation benefits. But I will definately explore the font selection usability. Cheers


    I would have thought you could just leave it as preview on click like it already does, which caters for touch devices, and add the preview on hover capability to it as well, so it reacts to both. I dont see why click and hover need to be mutually exclusive. Unless the issue is that you hesitate to introduce jquery into the equation, which I imagine you would have to do to make that possible? Anyway, if there is any way you could make so the choosing of a font can allow quick and rapid browsing, such as a select list already preformatted with the styles (this could be another solution) then I am sold!

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