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    The text is way too small, the colour choice poor, the contrast between the text and background isn’t enough. The tyre tread “brick” effect makes it even harder to read. You need way more blog and media content.

    The logo is strong and you should have a shed load of decent and unique images to upload and the layout isn’t bad, but really at the moment this site is like grey primer. It doesn’t sell.

    Yeh…posted it too soon. I am making changes additions all day…heck everyday. lol
    Have trouble with the colours “taking”…I figure I gotta go edit my CSS files. Rich ed…just don’t cut it.
    The “bricks” are carbon fiber…I am adding to it to make it deeper. and the outside BG will be black leather. You gotta remember…this is a hotrod shop I work at…and most if not all of our customers are old school(lots of money)…

    The fonts I have changed since I posted…I stayed home today to get the majority of this to where David(shop owner) likes it. Gotta do what the customer says…especially when he owns the place.
    The whole purpose is so tyhat he can edit this thing and I get back to what I do…Kustom Art. whew!….lol

    Thank you for your input…I definitely saw the same problems…but have to please da boss. I do however intend on tweaking it just so…’til “I” am happy with it also. Have loooong way to go… 🙂 np…
    Thank you again.
    David Sellers

    Ideally what I want is an EXTREMELY SIMPLE SITE… VERY WYSIWYG sooo that the shop owner can set his type…pop in some pics…then cut and paste into the wp ed. Personally I would have the site more fancy and elaborate. He has paid out LOTS of money for sites he never used at all. I know of a FEW people that payed THOUSANDS just to put the software(website) on a shelf. They want complete control over their sites…ie: CMS. If/WHEN I get this thing down I will sell my OWN interface to these people. They are old school…No Flash garbage, fancy java etc… believe it or not…that crap does NOT sell. What sells is our HOTRODS our product. That is true for hundreds of business owners…despite the common thought out there in the web designers world. Seriously. Everything ALWAYS gets back to basics…always has always will. I need simple. Have made revisions. Finished soon…maybe…LOL

    Please know that this is an “old school” site. I am doing my best to make this “completely” editable by the shop owner who is completely computer illiterate and has no plans to change that. lol
    This is NOT so much for aesthetics as it will be for content and OUR product. We do not like Flash and bells and whistles…regardless of what you may think…in THIS field those pretty little designer show offs do NOT sell $50,000.00 and up restored and modernized muscle cars.
    This site is young and has a long way to go. I need to get back to what I do best…Kustom Killer Artwork on Kustom Killer Kars and bikes…
    Thank you for any input.
    David M. Sellers

    you have a tonne of broken images under Airbrush, don’t know who is managing the galleries but posting 2M images of a guy spray painting or 3M images of a seatbelt anchor with no good pictures of the custom work is a real turn off, not to mention a system resource sink

    also, site is pretty plain for a kustom shop, needs more style to accentuate/emphasize the clients business

    Thank you.
    At this point I am still working on the “back end” of the site…wpg2 embedding etc… Have hundreds of pics of the cars etc…but no one lets me know what when and where all of this should go etc…
    Sooo…the main purpose is to set this up for the shop owner to cut, paste, drag and drop shop pics where he sees fit. Finally have a template system set up that is (for him) damn near true wysiwyg…well we’ll see how that pans out. lol

    It is, however, up to me when it comes to dealing with file sizes etc…I haven’t done any studying on the galleries and plugins YET…so they are posted temporarily “as is”.

    It may be a turn off for some, but our klients love it…they want to zoom in on as many pics as possible for “detail”. Still movin’ pics around etc….Remember our clients are old school with LOTS of cash to spend on their musclecars. So my goal is to… 1. Make the site “completely editable” by the shop owner. 2. Display current and finished projects with high detail for OUR klients.
    Also…This is a Hot Rod shop…Rough Boys…Old School MEN…Pretty website won’t do…only pretty cars.

    And…I have been working within WP for a couple of weeks…broken links etc…are probably ME in the background working on the templates for shop owner…testing etc… Whew!…lol 24/7…Hard to get this thing set up for someone that knows nothing about computers, but very soon(next couple of days)…It will be editable by Grandpa!…NS

    Thank you for your input.

    FYI some sites using WP along the same content as yours

    even tho they are ‘oldskool’ (two of them any way) they still have nice looking sites, your web page should be an enhancement of your corporate image an expression of your business, not just a placeholder on the web, don’t do it because everyone else is doing it do it because you want to, and that will show in your final site design

    remember the website might be a potential customer’s first interaction with your business and if the site doesn’t reflect the quality of work your business provides you will not be seen as the people/company with whom to do business, the web is a visual medium if your site looks terrible people will see a terrible business, no matter how good the quality of work provided by the company or how personable/qualified the people who run it/work at it are in reality

    Yep…you are correct. That is where I am headed with this site. I am impressed most my the oddballkustoms site. Even that site is too flashy. I am an artist and it looks great from that standpoint. Ours will be simplified(rugged)…so to speak. The hard part for me is knowing what content to put in and what to leave out. Sooo…where I am at is “template” building for the owner to use as he sees fit. My templates IF used correctly will bring this site to where it needs to be and actually change the entire appearance of the site. Also I had no choice but to start with the “Dark_Classic template”…since the owner wanted the site yesterday. I had to learn this stuff in 3 weeks. The site before it…I designed completely in HTML. Personally I liked it MUCH better…BUT…owner had no idea how to edit it. Loooong story. lol
    Yesterday I downloaded WPMU and Joomla…Once the owner is happy placing content in THIS site. I will be building another site with more flash(although personally I hate those sites…lol) and a site for myself…Airbrush Art and more…Now THAT site(being it IS an ART site will be WILD.
    I very much appreciate your input and you have given me somethings to think about. They will be put to good use.
    BUT! Now you’ve made my project go into overtime and I am not being paid! LOL Just kidding… I Thank You.
    David M. Sellers

    Although I agree the text could be a tad bigger, I think the site looks good and I can read it.

    Thank you. Yeh…there are indeed lots of tweaks needed. lol
    Not bad for a couple of weeks practice and only knowing tiny bit of HTML. Huh?…lol There is a LOT that has gone into this site that is not even visible…it is in the code and the templates to come…soon. 😀

    Yes…that text needs work.

    Thank you kindly…everyone.
    David M. Sellers

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