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  • How did you edit the post? Did you copy and paste?

    82 secs to load (cable modem), might want to address that…

    Go into your posts and remove all occurences of:
    <div align="center" /> and
    <div align="left" />

    And any </div> that may be related to them.

    Just wanted to second Yosemite and mention you REALLY need to use (or acquire if you don’t already have) software to reduce the physical file size of the photos. Those photos are over 300K EACH. In the web design world we try to keep whole pages down to under 100K so they’ll load quickly enough for people with slow connections. (I’ve got a healthy DSL connection and it STILL took nearly 2 minutes to download the page.) These photos look like they were transferred straight from a camera at 300dpi or better, and they need to be reduced to 72 or 144dpi, which will look fine on computer displays. Or use an alternative means by which a small thumbnail is loaded first and the larger version only comes up when clicked on.

    Hope this helps.

    Plus the only one I bothered to check was a .bmp which uses absolutely NO compression methods.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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