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  • You can see my stylesheet here….let me know if you see anything that may help.

    It looks to me like you’re missing a </div> before the sidebar.
    I’m using Firefox & Firebug to look at your code.
    The wonky pages have the sidebar within the page div, that’s why they’re showing up at the bottom.

    In other words, if I add
    directly above
    <div id="sidebar">
    the problem is fixed.

    Hope that helps.

    I think that makes sense:)

    I am very much a rookie…so i’ll have to try this in a bit.

    I just don’t see why some pages do it and some pages don’t.

    Take to wonky pages, for example. When I start the sidebar is in the right place. When I add a section box the sidebar moves to the bottom. When I add the second section box the sidebar moves back up to the right place.

    It’s so crazy and so random. Do you think that fixing the </div> will fix this?

    Thank you so much for your time

    I’m trying to find this code in my template. Would it be in the stylesheet or the sidebar template. I found this in the sidebar template…is this where I would change it:


    /* sidebar – reusable blob */

    global $qlan; include “languages/”.$qlan.”.php”; // load language file ##

    <!– begin sidebar –>
    <div id=”side”>

    No, that wouldn’t be it…

    Are these pages using different templates, or are they all the same? Sorry, I’m still learning myself so I’m not too familiar with the various different ways themes are developed.

    So, for example, I have category.php for showing all the posts in every category, and if I wanted to change the template depending on the category (like cats and dogs) I would have category-cats.php, category-dogs.php

    Do you know if yours works the same way?
    In other words, does “fitted-diapers-these-need-covers” use a different template than “tuck-and-go-diapers”?

    If they are using the same template, then maybe there’s something wrong with your sidebar and/or widgets… Since it sounds like they are the deciding factor as to whether or not you have this issue.

    Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

    All of the pages with the ‘section boxes’ use the same template page. If they do not use a section template they use the default blank template.

    yeah, this is the same issue. the second “box” div is appearing within the first “box” div. But unfortunately I’m not really sure how to help you fix it without being able to see it myself 🙁

    Thank you so much for your time! I’ll get this figured out sooner of later. I’ll wait untill i get some more feedback here and we’ll all get it figured out together.


    If this is an issue with the div. Where would I insert new <div> and how would i go about this. I don’t know much about code.



    It is indeed a bit difficult to tell where as it might be generated dynamically by PHP. A page code template reference through pastebin might help.

    How do I do this?

    here is the code template for the section page which is the page I’m having trouble with (the one with the ‘section boxes’)

    The easiest way was to paste the code into a page on my site temporarily



    One of your “Read more” link is broken because of invalid markup which
    is generated somewhere between

    <div class="box">

    I guess, you’ll have to dig in the code a bit more.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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