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  • I am using the Scrappy WordPress theme and my right sidebar is not showing up at the top of the page. It is showing up near the bottom of the home page. On most of the individual articles it is showing at the top but not on the home page where it is most important for me to be showing flush with the articles. You can see what I mean here: There is only one right sidebar widget area so the widgets are posted on admin screen there. How do I fix this problem please? I removed a ton of plugins and deleted lots of commetns but that wasn’t the problem.

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  • Looks like you got it fixed. It’s flush at the top when I go look at it.
    Usually content container and sidebar are floated and if something causes one of them to take more width than they were designed for, it will cause the sidebar to drop below since the main container isn’t wide enough for both sidebar and content any more.

    I am using the polaroids wordpress theme and my left sidebar is showing at the bottom of the home page. I also need to see my images on the home page, at the bottom it says next entries and previous entries. I only did one entry. How do I fix it?

    Please create a new topic for your question since you’re using a different theme. You’re more likely to find someone who can help if you tag it with the theme name.

    I didn’t provide the website. It’s


    please start a new topic

    Hi, Im having a similar issue. On my blog home page the side bar is showing but on individual blog post pages it shows at the bottom. Ive read a few threads and have tried adding additional <div>’s and narrowing the main content are but cant seem to get it to work.

    Can someone please help? This is the post page

    Im sure its a simple fix but have tried a few things and cant seem to get the right result. my coding knowledge is limited to average

    Many thanks in advance

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    @mprice14: You’re responding to a ten month old thread; start your own topic.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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