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    Just started having a problem with a site I built. At first all my sidebars were working perfectly with all browsers. Then when I was at a different computer I saw that the only sidebar that was showing up was the first one on my list. I thought maybe it the computer just needed cache and cookies cleared etc. I did that but still did not work. So when I got home I tried it in IE 7 and got the same result only one sidebar. Upgraded to IE 8, same issue. I have Mozilla and that worked perfectly! I don’t know what could have happened since it was working fine at one place but then at a different location it stopped working. Is there an option that I clicked by mistake to make this happen? Here is the website

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • These too tags are missing the closing >

    <a title="Security for your family" href=""

    <a title="See our Products" href=""

    If you do a View Source in Firefox you will see they are bold red because they are broken.

    Yes you are absolutly correct! I can’t believe I missed that. It is odd cause it was working 4 days ago and now all of a sudden they were gone. Either way all fixed now. Thanks so much.

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