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  • I just installed WordPress on my computer through xampp, and everything went perfect.

    I added 4 posts, just regular text and a picture, and added the ‘more’ tag to each of them so that they would cut off at a certain point and the rest would be found on the ‘read more’ page.

    When I look at the blog, the right nav bar (that contains search and blog links) is pushed down to the bottom of the page below the actual posts. I’ve tried to unpublish all the posts and none of them are affecting the nav bar.

    I tried installing a new theme and the new theme was affected in the same exact way.

    What can I do to fix this?

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  • I noticed when I remove the ‘read more’ tag on certain posts, the nav bar returns to it’s normal position.

    I need the ‘insert more tag’ for many of the posts. What do I do?

    Wow, this is already on the 3rd page.

    Does anyone have any advice? The obvious culprit is the ‘insert more tag’ yet it’s needed for bigger articles.

    What do I do?

    A new week, a new chance people might be able to answer this.

    I’m having the same problem. Hoping for a miracle.

    I just got rid of the more button and the sidebar is back to normal. But I’d still like to know why this happened. I haven’t had this problem before or with another theme.

    Yeah, I figured out it was the ‘more’ tag too that was dropping down the right sidebar.

    I hope when the next new version of this comes out, this will be fixed. I can’t even progress in my design of the blog with this problem.

    Any other suggestions?

    is there a way to do the ‘read more here’ without using the ‘more’ tag?

    Can we go the other way around? Is there a way to design a theme that the “more” tag won’t break it?

    I think there is. The error described by you and others, usually happens when there is a div in the post and its closing tag gets removed by the “more”.

    How would I go about designing a theme that wouldn’t break with the ‘more’ tag? What part of the code do I need and add another [/div], and would that fix the problem or would I need to totally reconstruct the theme?

    I find this to happen with more than just 1 theme, so there has to be multiple themes out there that has the same problem.

    I don’t know. It never happened to me (to my themes) and unless I see what is screwed up in your theme I cannot tell.

    Hmmm. I had two wordpress sites, so I put the same posts on both of them.

    The one that is messing up is a local-version I am working on that isn’t online, but is run off of XAAMP.

    The one I am running right off the internet server I own doesn’t mess up with the same posts with the ‘more’ tag.

    Hmmm. Weird.

    It would be a lot easier to help you out, if you could point to your site. However, it does sound like there is a problem with the index.php and how it includes header.php and footer.php. Though I cant really tell.

    How did you add the more tag? Did you use a plugin?

    What plugin? The “more” tag is there in your Write screen.

    Phil-ip, it’s impossible to show you the site with the problem because, like i mentioned in my last post, the site is an off-line wordpress I was running through XAAMP.

    What is weird is that I don’t get the same problems with an online version of the same wordpress file.

    But since it doesn’t seem to give me problems on the online version, I might as well just dump the off-line version and work on the online one instead.

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