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  • My site looks fine in Firefox but not IE!

    The right-hand side bar containing recent comments, links, login etc is completely missing in IE.

    The site is:

    Not sure which element of the sidebar breaks IE or what css tweak is needed to make the sidebar appear.

    Any help much appreciated.

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  • Michael


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    in the post ‘Best Round-the-world trip?’ – there is some content that got directly pasted from MS Word; ( this following text:

    Although the author has tried to make the information as accurate as possible, he accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person using this site.


    Word content contains a lot of formatting that will break the display in IE –
    edit the post in ‘admin’ post edit’:
    remove this content from the post, paste it into notepad or an editor without formatting, and copy the unformatted text back into the post.

    hopefully this should solve your problem.

    Thanks alchymyth!

    It solved the problem straightaway!!!!

    I didn’t really know when exactly it broke as I just use Firefox, which would have helped detect this.

    I guess it will always be the case that hidden characters have the potential to mess up the formatting. When pasting in from another source I’ll always try and remember to cleanse the text.

    For future reference:
    What did you use to detect this so quickly? Is there a utility to filter post input text for this kind of potential anomaly?



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    experience – you are not the first one;
    with the IE not showing all of the content, and/or sidebar missing or broken, one of the most likely causes is:
    a. pasted Word
    b. missing divs
    c. broken style css

    check where the content ends in IE, then look into the html code in the browser: ‘View’ ‘Source’ to find the spot.

    that was already enough with your problem.

    otherwise continue:
    use firefox and the web developer add-on – that gives you an extra toolbar above the browser window, and gives insight into css and html, and lets you ‘play’ with the code ‘online’

    and use, to get more details about messed up html code, missing divs etc.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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