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    my blog has become very slow the last week. did not change anything before it got slow. its the right column that is slow.

    we have moved teh blog from one server to another, did not help.

    any help is much preciated. here is the link:
    Its a adult oriented site, beware!

    sorry if this brake the rules of wordpress.

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  • There are a LOT of affiliate links on that sidebar and if they are simply “hot linked” to the provider, it may be a cause of the slow response. So it may not be on your end but rather the host of the affiliate link. There is also the cbox and the “” counter. I would do a process of elimination and see what may be the root of the problem. For example, take out the cbox and check response time, then try removing the counter, etc. etc.

    Hope that helps!
    Derek M.

    thanks for the tip.

    I have moved some links, counter, box etc. one by one. but stil the same problem. I have also made a test wordpress blog on the same server at the hosting company. the test blog have the same links, counter, box etc. guess what?! the test blog is normal. not slow like my other blog. how can that be?

    When you setup the test blog did you create a new database connection or use the pre-existing one you use with your current blog? Also did you move all plugins to the test blog?

    I found a good read on someone with similar troubles and here he outlined his steps to resolving the issue.

    Again if you setup the test blog with the same plugins you used by doing that it could have reactivated the plugin, resolving any issues. Have you tried disabling your plugins and then re-enabling them to see if that helps any?

    Wish I could tell you where exactly to look. My apologies there!
    Derek M.

    Hey I found it thanks!! after reading the link you gave me, I disabled all the plugins. and guess what, it was the Random Image Widget 1.3 who made the blog slow. I will try to upgrade it to version 1.4 now and se if that helps!

    thanks once again!!

    Glad to hear you found the problem. Nice work.

    Derek M.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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