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  • I’ve got a problem with my blog and am not sure whether it’s a theme problem, a widget problem, or a plugin problem and I’m really hoping you can at least help me determine what problem it might be.

    Ok… right now my blog is working fine. The content on the index page is where it all should be. BUT, I have an article I want to post and every time I publish it, my right hand column screws up. It seems like something has changed between the time I published the last post and now. What happens now when I publish a post is that the footer content shows up on the right side and all my right column widgets show up at the bottom of my blog. It’s like the footer widgets are swapping places with the right column widgets. As soon as I un-publish the post, everything goes back to normal.

    The only thing which changed that I am aware of is that I installed the Subscribe2 plugin but the problem still persists if I deactivate the plugin. Now I have deleted these plugins and again the problem still persists when I try to add a new post. So I’m guessing it’s not a plugin issue and might be a theme issue?

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  • Ok… problem fixed! There was a misplaced </div> in the index.php page. The misplaced </div> was after the sidebar code which was including the sidebar under the main content area.

    All I had to do was move the </div> above the sidebar which closed out the main content area and put the sidebar back into it’s place. If that makes sense.

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