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  • Hi jamiebraman you can always copy the link location from the image onto a new tab in the browser or a new browser window. Then all you have to do is right click and save as.

    Kind regards

    Copying the link and opening it in a new window does not work. The link that opens in the new window is the catalog page and not the enlarged lightbox image.

    Hi jamiebraman you are correct, however if you enable the following under CataBlog >> Public >> Enable Individual Pages and Category Archives: will create a permalink to the image. This will then allow you to right click on the image and save or copy to a new window or tab.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    Thank you so much for following up and trying to help me with my problem. Unfortunately, when I do as you suggest, (enable individ pages and cat archives), and then rt-click the enlarged lightbox image, I do get the option to open in a new window or tab, but in the new window/tab the enlarged lightbox image shows, but again we’re back where we started from with no option to copy the image.

    catablog images: can be viewed under the vintage rental tabs when you select any of the dropdown links.

    I appreciate your help!

    Sorry, I’m not sure why the links to the website didn’t show. Hopefully they will here:

    Hi jamiebraman can you share with me what template you are using and your shortcode.

    Kind regards

    I am using the Genesis child theme, Pure Elegance. The short code is: [catablog category=”Farm Tables”]
    Much thanks!

    Hi try using the following shortcode.

    [catablog category=”Farm Tables” template=”gallery”]

    Kind regards

    Thank you. I did make the change to the shortcode, but unfortunately, it removed the titles and descriptions from under each picture. In addition, when I clicked the image and it enlarged in the lightbox, I still got the same results as before…no ability to copy the image. I returned the shortcode to its original.

    Thank you so much for all your suggestions!

    Hi jamiebraman this is the gallery template that I am using on my test site.

    <div class="catablog-row catablog-gallery">
    	<a href="%LINK%" class="catablog-image" %LINK-TARGET% %LINK-REL%>
    		<img src="%IMAGE-THUMBNAIL%" alt="" />
    		<strong class="catablog-title">%TITLE%</strong>
    	<div class="catablog-description">%DESCRIPTION%</div>

    This is the shortcode that I am using,

    [catablog category=”zynga2″ limit=”1″ template=”gallery”]

    I also have the following setup:

    CataBlog >> Public >> Enable Individual Pages and Category Archives:

    I am also running Twenty Thirteen theme. Have you tried a different theme just to test to see if it is a theme related issue?

    Let me know if this helps.

    Kind regards

    Hello and Happy 4th of July!
    Can you please provide the link to your test site?
    Thank you.

    Here is my link

    Kind regards

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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