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  • Hi, i have some information on my site that was given to me with permission to add it. My problem is, copyright, they have said that only I can have copy it. I was just wondering, is there a plugin that stops not only right click on the site, but also in the Page Source? If there’s only one for the blog, I will have to do with that, but can somebody point me in the direction of a good one, that just does it for certain pages, not the whole blog? If that’s possible.

    Thank you.


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  • You could use a right-click blocker and then encrypt the content but … Someone could still screen-shot it and use it by typing it up manually. There’s no good way to make it copy-proof.

    Hi, thank you for your message, can I ask what right screen blocker would be best do you know of one off hand? and how would I encrypt the content, have never done that before. Sorry to be so thick. 🙁

    Hi, can anybody show me a right click blocker for WP, does anybody know of one?

    Blocking Right Click – Works for all sites.

    About encrypting the content – In theory you could use something like PHP Obfuscator but I’m not really sure that would work, in retrospect, since the PHP is parsed on view.

    There’s no good way to make it copy-proof.

    Precisely. You can add one of the javascripts but that will only stop novice users. It won’t stop anyone who turns javascript off. I surf with js turned off by default and only activate it for sites I trust. Then there is the other problem of visitors simply taking a screen-shot. Also, the more experienced surfers can simply retrieve the file from their browser’s cache.

    Hi, ok thank you, I really appreciate the help. I will just use the one above, and just hope that it wont get copied.

    Thank youi again.


    Slap up a decent copyright and pray. There ain’t no such thing as a copyproof website :/



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    Please do not use right-click blockers on your site. They are annoying and pointless.

    If someone wants to copy your website, they will do. For a start, your page is cached locally by the browser and so all the text is available there.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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