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  • I have been using old WordPress installation with old version of your plugin and I have been constantly struggly with the problem, that Right Alt+Z shortcut is incorrectly redefined in your plugin’s editor and it acts like “Undo”, while in Polish and other non-Latin this combination is used to enter national letter (“ż” in Polish).

    I’m pretty sure, that I have reported this problem here, but as I can seen in newest version set (WordPress 4.3 + plugin 0.9.5) this problem still isn’t fixed.

    As you can imagine, this is very annoying to be forced to paste one national letter from clipboard each time you need it (very often in Polish), when all other national characters (also entered with combination of Right Alt + letter) are perfectly working. We (Poles) have problem only with this shortcut and this renders usage of your plugin virtually impossible.

    Is there any change you going to take a look and fix this problem?

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  • Plugin Author ttscoff


    Yeah, I don’t like the whole undo system anymore anyway. It was built at a time when browsers lacked good undo support on most systems, but they all have it built in now. I’ll be removing that functionality all together soon.

    Any idea, when we can expect to have this fixed?

    Without Right Alt+Z functional (not re-defined) I can’t edit any Polish text and must disable your plugin. Which is very pity for me, because I find it extremely useful!

    I have, of course, fixed this myself, be commenting out everything around case 90 in all files and putting return true; break; instead of commented-out code. But, that is my personal workaround and would be nice to have this fix in official release.

    You may also consider setting any Google Fonts (Duru Sans?) as default, becaue other fails on non-Latin characters (ugly font substitution goes).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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