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  • By the way, notice how the screen jumps up one paragraph after the backspace. It might look as if the cursor moved, but actuallly it is the edit area. Another extremely irritating thing, but I somehow got used to it after moths (years?). Combo with bonus italics is quite too much to bear though.

    Come on, that’s a serious bug.

    That link is to a YouTube page – do you have a question about your site?

    Yes, but the best way to explain the problem was to capture that 16-second video I’ve linked to above. Otherwise you might not believe (it looks like magic).

    Thanks for answering.

    Well if such thing has never happened to anyone here – let me know too! I will reinstall or whatever.

    [Moderator note: Stop spamming]

    Okay, so instead of “spamming” I’d like to mention another wordpress bug: the text editor often moves random words to the next line without a reason, therefore leaving blank space at the end of the previous one.

    Here’s an axample (printscreen/jpg):

    Like previously, nothing hidden in the code. Both words are short enough to fit the previous lines.

    So we got three bugs now:
    automatic italics (when backspacing)
    jumping edit area (when adding links, backspacing, using enter)
    randomly broken lines

    If you can’t help it, please tell me where I can report it.

    Can you replicate this on a fresh install with the default theme and no plugins?

    Have you tried a default install on a different server?

    Like you said, this isn’t happening to other people here, so it’s probably not a WordPress bug.

    We’ve been consistently noticing this since the 3.5 update and have just filed it under ‘another WordPress bug’ like how you can’t add span classes, you can’t add paragraph tags, etc. etc.

    We’ve seen this on over a dozen fresh installs of WP, so it’s certainly not a theme issue but a serious one with WP.

    Why hasn’t this been addressed yet??

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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