• I was wondering why the plugin was not working for me. Until I read the FAQ.

    “Our plugin doesn’t work if there are any console errors on your site. For that reason, it’s important to fix those before contacting our support as we won’t be able to help you until the errors are fixed.”

    This is ridiculous. That means this plugin is incompatible with most other plugins…

    You need to fix this problem ASAP! I cannot even believe my own eyes, reading this as the first point of your FAQ.

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    Hi @mikkelcortnum

    Thanks for using our plugins.

    If your site has console errors it means that there is something broken on your site, such as javascript that is essential to the correct functioning of many plugins including ours.

    Just as you can’t drive a car without functioning tyres, websites don’t work well if some of the key functionality is broken.

    If you can’t fix the console errors on your site yourself, the best is to work with an experienced developer who should be able to help.

    All the best

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    I agree 100% with FolioVision.

    Also, your car analogy is so wrong, that I can’t even… The chance that any site that uses your plugin, uses another plugin which might have a console error is so high. It is ridiculous that you have not solved this.

    If you want to use a car analogy, that would be like me buying a new car radio from you, and it can’t play or even turn on anymore anymore because one of the five speakers broke.

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