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  • Here are just some of the problems:

    • Simple Youtube videos failing to embed 98% of the time, thus I have to teach clients to use html blocks
    • Random paragraph tags getting inserted everywhere
    • Copy and paste inserting random spaces into everything
    • Copy and pasting of blocks not always working (nothing gets put on the clipboard)
    • Absolutely no way to move multiple blocks at the same time. You have to move every single block, individually and manually.
    • The “tags” section bugging out and erasing all your tags for no apparent reason
    • A complete lack of any way to group/contain multiple blocks together without additional plugins or code or hacks
    • A super buggy interface right down to the basic drag and drop function (will often not drop where you dragged, frequently shows the line in the wrong place while dragging)
    • No way to do any meaningful layout design whatsoever
    • Incompatibility with FireFox+Grammarly (but it doesn’t prevent it from loading, so you will think it’s working until you spend 20 minutes correcting things only to have none of them save)
    • Certain blocks refusing to render when placed underneath a “more” block
    • Lots more open known bugs that are being worked on by exactly zero people
    • If you open a bug it will just get ignored. Not closed or marked as won’t fix. Left open and ignored.
    • No support available whatsoever, not even if you can pay

    The reality is that if a private plugin developer put out something that works this poorly, they would be laughed out of the room. Instead, since it was done by WordPress itself, it has generated a debate that rarely has anything to do with the actual product (if it did, the conclusion would be obvious, this is a piece of crap). Instead people are highly political about it, instead of debating the product itself they try to claim anyone who doesn’t like it hates change.

    That argument doesn’t fly with me, because I’m not coming from the classic editor, I’m coming from Drupal. I was 100% excited for and ready to embrace Gutenberg, the only problem is it’s pre-alpha quality software.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @frogdesk I just wanted to come back to this review and ask if you have tested the block editor as a little bit of time has passed and there have been improvements around the areas you are highlighting. If you are able to test again it would be really great to get your feedback as it’s really appreciated to dig into.

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