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  • I writing this e-mail because I notice a serious issue with my pins. After validating rich pin, the pin title and description stop to show which affected badly on my account performance and lost hundreds of thousands of traffic.

    I already contacted Pinterest support and they check my Pinterest profiles and confirmed that the issue is not from their side. Read Pinterest messages &

    I tested different browsers, different internet networks, different devices, and different IPs but no way. I also contacted my host and they said that there is no problem from their end &

    does any one has this issue?

    any solution

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    WordPress, by default, does not include any PIN function.

    What plugin are you using for this? Or is it a feature of your theme?

    Please take a little time to properly describe your WordPress setup and what plugin(s) you’re using for this PIN function, so we’ll be able to help you or at least direct you to the best place to get help.

    Also, please do include the URL to your website.


    Moderator bcworkz


    That robot response from Pinterest is completely useless, as you likely realized. Apparently some sort of security measure is blocking Pinterest crawlers from accessing the rich pin data on your site. If you have any security plugins active, please inquire at that plugin’s dedicated support forum for advice on letting Pinterest crawlers through.

    I would hope your host had already checked for .htaccess rules blocking access, but you might check again for any rules denying access to pinterest or the IP range Pinterest crawlers might use (56.236.1.???). Besides the rules the host added for X-Forwarded-Proto of course.

    Something is not adding up between the responses from Pinterest and your host. Pinterest says they are blocked, but there is no record of them being blocked according to your host. The access from IPs outside of the claimed crawler range could be spoofed requests unrelated to Pinterest. Even blocked requests should show up in access logs. If Pinterest is not even trying to crawl your site, the problem is on Pinterest’s end regardless of what they claim. Are you sure you validated with the correct URL?

    I’m using a WordPress theme called “PinThis” and a plugin called “Yoast premium”.
    here is my website :

    When I try to validate rich pin I get this error : We were unable to retrieve any data from your URL.

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    At this point, I’m at my wit’s end on this.

    But I came across this [1] StackOverflow thread talking about a similar problem, with no one culprit and resolution. Eventually, the OP on that thread switched hosts and the problem magically disappeared. Others answers in the same thread reported missing intermediary SSL certificate, using SNI certs and lack of SNI support in Pinterest’s cURL parser, etc.

    You can ask your host to take a look at this StackOverflow thread and see if that will spark something.

    Good luck!

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