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  • Hi,

    I’ve been using a recently installed WordPress for my blog. It comes with the ‘use rich editor’ option activated on the profile by default. I don’t usually like to use this rich editor because it does not allow me to insert divs and other elements I use for layout, so I use the ‘code’ editor most.

    I had noticed that changing from the code editor to the rich editor screwed all my divs and ps and spans (I think this should be told in big red bold type somewhere), but now I’ve definitely disabled the ‘use rich editor’ option from my profile, all the code (block tags such as p, div and the like) I’d inserted into my posts is gone. My posts now are in just one loooong text block, and there’s no way I can recover what it’s been lost with that simple action.

    I know there’s no solution for this now it’s done, so I’ll take the trouble to manually redo what I had already done. However, I strongly suggest that this issue is solved for future releases, and if its not, it is clearly stated how damaging the rich editor can be for users using block html tags in their posts.

    Thanks in advance,


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