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  • koboyle


    I am running a test site over at

    Head over to it, first in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. At the bottom left of the site’s homepage is the company’s contact info, using the Rich Contact Widget. In Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (and mobile/tablet browsers) it looks great.

    BUT, check it out on Internet Explorer (don’t use a User Agent switcher, because it won’t replicate the actual error that is seen in real Internet Explorer). In IE, there is a space entered above the first address line (below the text “…Alliance Member”.

    I did a quick glance at the code and am seeing nothing out of the ordinary that would be adding this extra blank. And it is strange that it only appears in IE and not in any other browsers, even when I switch their user agent to IE 6-9.

    Any idea on how to fix this, especially since roughly 60% of current website viewers to our site are using some form of IE, I am sure I will never hear the end of this little IE display error…

    Also, the error is replicated on the Our Team pages for each individual person, again only visible in IE 6-9.

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  • Plugin Author Remy Perona


    There is absolutely no styling in the plugin by default, so I guess it could come from either IE (known for its weird display choices), or from the css of the site (or even JS styling something ?)

    Thread Starter koboyle


    Huh…well, to be honest I have no idea what to do.

    I sure hope I am not forced into having to remove the awesome plugin over such a silly problem that only shows up on IE.

    Strange 🙁

    Plugin Author Remy Perona


    I don’t know if you have any skill in CSS, but the workaround might be to add some specific IE styling for nested


    • , because it’s really a bug only in this browser.
    Thread Starter koboyle


    @tabrisrp Thanks for getting back to me on this. I did some more searching around, and contacted my website theme creator to see what his thoughts were.

    He said this:

    The problem is the plugin you are using. It creates a empty list element (li) followed by a new list (ul). internet explorer does not like that.

    We cant change that as the plugin is causing this and we cant rewrite the working of the internet explorer.

    I have no solution for this.

    -Neo, Theme Support

    So the theme folks think it has to do with the combo of (ul) and (li) usage which is causing this little error on IE browsers. I then did some searching around to see what could be done to the HTML/CSS code of the plugin for an alternative to this problem with spaces being added in all Internet Explorer versions (which is 13% of browser usage still and definitely higher than that in my company’s line of work where everyone is still using IE).

    I refuse to stop using your plugin and search for another one, because your plugin offers Vcard linking, which is a “big deal” at my office too. (Which by the way, if you added LinkedIn–and maybe even Twitter too–support to this plugin it would be the best contact plugin available for WordPress maybe even worthy of a $price tag or something).

    BUT, I have seemed to have found a fix for the problem here http://”>.
    One of those responding says:

    I’ve solved the problem. I’ve used this little code: •
    In browsers this appears like a small filled circle, exact the same effect that
    <li> has. And it’s valid in HTML 4.01. Yey!
    After two days work got all my pages validated, what a nice feeling! This little code was the last thing I needed for a successful validation

    Is this something you could incorporate into a future plugin update possibly??

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    Plugin Author Remy Perona


    It’s not really something I can add, because I would have to remove the nested list completely and use another type of (not really clean and semantic) markup, only for IE.

    I won’t add twitter and linkedIn fields by default either, because the primary goal of the plugin is to add contact data with microdata/microformats, and there is no existing structured markup for this kind of element.

    But if you want to add them for your project, we can discuss it.

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