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  • RHODP is a WordPress plugin that dynamically provides live Open Directory data in a remotely hosted fashion.

    RHODP is based on filtering WordPress action wp_meta. It provides a partial and modified presentation of Open Directory Project data using an on the fly randomizer.
    Links are displayed using thumbshots provided by

    Detailed information about RHODP Plugin is available here.

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  • Could you like edit it so that it is NOT 3 lines but normal coded formatting like
    if () {
    etc etc

    I got like 3 lines in total in the script and I really like to see source before I use anything..

    It sounds nice though:) (except the remote-script part)

    Yes I know, actually it’s just a fast way to embed javascript interface to remote-script part as hook to action wp_meta. This interface now should be quite stable while I’m refining the remote part. Probably when I feel the remote script is stable I will release a pure PHP version as WP Plugin only. Actually as you can see there is a switch, variable wp on query string to remote script, that enable remote script to format output for usage in WordPress. Anyway I want to point out that even with a pure PHP version of this plugin there will be still two remote sides as Open Directory data are lively fetched from and thumbshots are embedded as remote links to To make the plugin fully local an import of Open Directory RDF dumps should be downloaded from (about 300 MB), decompressed (about 2.5 GB), parsed and stored in a db (about 2 GB) and used to fetch locally data to display. It’s possible, I have done a tool that does it but I don’t think it’s a good idea to waste so much local resources for usage in a blog.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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