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    Simple question; I can’t find in the documentation how I use these variables/parameters:

    * rfmp_form_submitted, post ID, $_POST data
    * rfmp_customer_created, post ID, Mollie customer
    * rfmp_payment_created, post ID, Mollie payment
    * rfmp_webhook_called, post ID, payment ID

    I tried to put he code in [] and {} in the e-mail or behind a URL, but that is probably not how I should use it? Please advise.

    Thanks for the great plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Nick



    Those are hooks. See the WordPress docs for more info:

    Thanks Nick, this is way too technical for me 🙂

    It doesn’t really help to answer a basic question like: How do I (for example) add the transaction ID into the e-mail. I would just like to add something like {rfmp=”payment_id”} in the e-mail content. Is there a solution to pull the hook values and put them into an e-mail or URL parameter through a shortcode or something? I’m sure a lot of people like to do this. Maybe there is a another plugin that does this?

    Plugin Author Nick


    Mmm, can you tell me what you want to do? What do you want for info in the email? There are already several variables for the emails.

    Hi Nick, thanks for the reply, very much appreciated. And my apologies for being not clear.

    Let’s suppose I want to confirm a payment with the following e-mail message:”

    “Thank you for your order on 6-12-2017 from Your order-ID is 1″.

    I assumed putting this in the e-mail form would do it:

    “Thank your for your order on {rfmp=”created_at”} from {rfmp=”url”}. Your order-ID is {rfmp=”payment_id”}”

    But this way it doesn’t retrieve the variables. What should I put in the e-mail form to get the rfmp variables retrieved into the e-mail message (which seems to be possible when I read other posts (like here ?

    ps; not sure why I started this thread in English instead of Dutch 🙂

    Hi Nick, any idea/advise? Thanks!

    Plugin Author Nick



    Sorry for the late response.

    Those variables are correct. Maybe it is the double quote (“). Can you verify if it’s the correct double quote (straight from top to bottom, not diagonal).

    Best regards,

    Hi Nick,

    thanks a million. Too silly, but that is indeed it.

    I copied the code from another thread in this forum, but apparently those are different quotes.

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Nick


    Great! Good to hear 😉

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