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  • I have a page with links on it that point to say…


    Permalinks is on, so when I click on a link that points to the above, it displays in the address bar… /events/?date=1267056000&company=1

    Can someone tell me how to convert the get variables into a permalink url as well, like… /events/1267056000/1

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  • What is giving you this type of link?

    There is no simple way of re-writing those links, especially if they are generated by some custom code. What are you trying to achieve? Can we see the site live?

    The site is currently in dev so I can’t post it, I am custom building pages that the client has requested. I have created an events page, and the above link is generated to view the events for that business that is in the directory… date=1267056000 is the date in timestamp, and company=1 is the company id in the db…

    I have also just discovered that by turning on permalinks, my forms no longer work. Like for rating a company, I have a form with action=””.. this worked fine before turning on permalinks, but now the forms go to a page does not exists page generated by the template.

    Are you custom building the forms/events page and links? Instead of doing it custom I recommend plugins, their a lot easier:

    Events plugin:

    Form Plugin:

    Yeah those would be great if they included everything I needed, however…
    (I figured out the problem with the forms, so it’s just url rewriting I’m still having issues with)

    Members can sign up for their own personal web page (Free pages for non business, paid for businesses). Then if they have a page, they can add events to the calendar. When viewing the website, all events show up. When viewing that company’s page, only the events for that company show up. Additionally, members browsing the site also get their own calendar tracking which only shows; single events that they are tracking, or all events for a company they are tracking. Then in the events page, classifieds page, or the business directory page, there are links to a business’s page, links to add the event or business to their personal tracking calendar…etc… so say I wanted to view a businesses page and I click on the link, the link points to… /member-page/?page=4 or on the events page a link to view all the details of the event points to… /event/?eventid=6 or a link to view the events of just one company and a specific day… /event/?page=4&date=1267056000

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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