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  • WordPress has a pesky issue where it doesn’t rewrite relative links in posts (including images) to absolute links in rss feeds. The behavior for the site is correct (I like many strongly beieve in relative vs. absolute links for semantic purposes).

    For feeds though, to be correct and validate, they must be absolute. Meaning wordpress should prepend the siteurl to any link, <a href=""><img src=""> should become absolute.

    Has anyone found a plugin? Or a patch to WP 2.0 to fix this?

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  • There might be other topics, too – but this is the only one I could find/remember dealing with the same issue.

    Ok, I just decided to just wip up a little plugin to fix it for me:

    For anyone else who may want to fix this on their wordpress installation I hope this helps.

    mmm, nice idea. I didnt realize this was an issue, and tried to use this on a 1.5.2 install — didnt fix it for me that I can tell. Ive looked and it appears that the function names havent changed either. I also noticed there is a VERY old ticket for this in trac, 1.5.2 — ticket is untouched, go figure.

    I only tested with 2.0.

    If your checking your feed, you do need to hold down the shift key when you reload, so that you bypass cache, otherwise you don’t actually refresh until you make a new post and your rss feed actually updates.

    ahhh ok! Ill try that, thank you TONS!

    update: it works 🙂 again, thank you — too bad this isnt something taken care of by default.

    Couldn’t tell you why it’s not taken care of by default.

    Wasn’t to bad to do (it’s tougher to catch the ../../ stuff, which isn’t supported right now).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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