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  • I noticed a couple issues with the plugin today. I working to validate some of the ads we had set up through simple ads manager. There were a few situations where an ‘&’ should have been written as a ‘&

    However, after I updated this in Simple ads and saved it. The next time I looked at it, it reverted back to the ‘&’ which invalidated a number of items in the ad.

    Original invalid ad code

    valid ad code

    If I put the valid code in and hit save, everything is fine (temporarily). However, if I come back to that ad and edit anything else such as the description, and then hit save again, it wipes out the valid html and replaces it with the original invalid code again (or more accurately it does not retain the & and just prints what that code would look like as a symbol -> &

    In addition, I believe the plugin generates an onclick chunk of javascript that will also save or not save the valid html correctly as well. This seems to be a lot more troublesome to get just right.


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  • update this forum changed & a m p ; to just & so I’m trying to show it again with extra space inserted here

    valid code should look like this (minus the spaces) a m p ; utm_medium=banner& a m p ; utm_term=nook%2C%2Bvivmag%2C%2Bnow%2Bavailable%2Bon%2Bthe%2Bnook&utm_content=vivmag-nook& a m p ; utm_campaign=vivmag-nook

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