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  • Hi,

    very good plugin. For a new plugin it also has a very good quality. But I’ve got some questions left.

    Although I’ve enabled the option “… to bypass rewrite from this plugin and use default WordPress rewrite instead”, I can not see all entries which are stored in option ‘rewrite_rules’.
    I add a rewrite rule using another plugin and after flushing it works properly. But your plugin does not show the new rewrite rule.

    The option to backup the rewrite rules is very comfortable. But currently I’m not sure if this backup also restores the WordPress rewrite rules, too (content of option ‘rewrite_rules’). Or does it only restore the rewrite rules this plugin is using (content of option ‘rewrite_rules_save’)?

    At last a feature I would like to see in this plugin. Is it possible to add a third column which displays the ‘class’ of the rewrite rule as in plugin ‘Rewrite Rules Inspector’?

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  • Plugin Author takien


    Hi JochenT
    Thanks for trying my plugin. Yeah, many things need to be improved.

    This is how this plugin works.

    1. Rules displayed in the table/editor is the content of rewrite_rules_save, and always be there.

    When plugin loaded, it will add filter on rewrite_rules_array hook.
    and use rewrite_rules_save content instead of rewrite_rules.
    (Previously, plugin copied rewrite_rules_save to rewrite_rules but I think that was bad idea).

    When plugin is disabled/option disabled, the filter will return default rules (if any).

    2. Yes, Backup only restore ‘rewrite_rules_save’, because there’s no need to backup ‘rewrite_rules’ since it changed frequently when you flush rules.

    3. Not sure what ‘class’ you’re talking about.



    Hi takien,

    thank you for the answer.

    2. As I had started to develope some code that adds rewrite rules for the first time, I would have liked to have an option to save the WP rewrite rules. Now, as I’m a bit more expierenced, I know this is actually not necessary.

    3. Plugin ‘Rewrite Rules Inspector’ has a third column that displays the ‘class’ (column name). This is quite comfortable to get an overview about the type of the rewrite entry.

    Plugin Author takien


    Adding Source (not class) column will be considered. 🙂

    BTW, how do you use my plugin in real life? and for what purpose?
    Does it as what you expect? It will help me to add more feature in the future.

    If there any other problem you face, suggestion and feedback are always welcome.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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