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  1. ryan4021
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    I have a question... I want to make it to where it ONLY adds a category base for posts, but excludes EVERY OTHER post type besides 'posts'.

    I have one custom post type called 'listing-type' , which i have successfully removed, which is good. But it also removes the category base for default blog posts. I'd like it to have it show a category base when viewing posts (site.com/blogcategory/blogpost) but for listings i do not want a categor ybase (site.com/listingname) , the archive obviously needs to carry the tag (site.com/archivecategory) so that can stay the same.

    Is this possible with regex and rewrite rules?

    I'm using SEO Ultimate to remove the category bases currently, but if i try to do it for just posts and not listings , it adds it to listings regardless.


  2. ryan4021
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'll answer myself on this one.

    Without it getting too complicated and end up having to rewrite the entire WP Rewrite to simply reroute requests with listing-type to ones without gets real complex especially for this use case because when you remove listing-type , it now looks like a category slug. wordpress doesnt know what to choose at this point.

    Solution was go with separate categories blog dsection, separate categories for listing section and that solved it.

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