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  • Hello. Another one:
    In the options the permalinks page says when I’m using the option with “index.php” I could ignore the mod_rewrite rules. I wanted to choose this option because I always get 403 errors in my wp directory when entering these rules to .htaccess.
    The only way to prevent this was changing the virtual host configuration of apache to “AllowOverrideAll” for that directory.
    But the mod_rewrite rules seem to be necessary for the feed links for both the entries and comments on entries.
    Is there a way to control what “bloginfo(‘rss2_url’)” is doing?

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  • I have seen the same problem. I cannot use .htaccess files on my host and the new Permalink method with index.php is great. But the rss link still tried to use a link using the mod_rewrite rule (/rss/feed).

    I have the same, problem, but I Can’t seem to trackdown a solution. Any Ideas anyone? My host doesn’t allow mod_rewrite.

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