• Hi,

    we are using Offload S3 to serve Uploads from S3 and use Cloudfront to serve the https://DOMAIN/wp-content/uploads/ Path from this S3 Bucket. So we dont have to rewrite the URL of the Attachment.

    We are removing all Files from the Server and the Cofiguration is working.

    Almost 😉

    When uploading a Media File to a Page (not a Post!) WordPress generates a actual Upload-Subdir (at the moment /2018/02/ ) but Offload S3 generates a Subdir that corresponds to the Date of the Page. So if the Page was published in December 2017 it is /2017/12/.

    Is there a chance to fix that and make the subdirs equal on WordPress and Offload S3?

    Thanks a lot!

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    WP Offload S3 Lite should use the same path on S3 as defined in the ‘file’ element of the Media Library item’s ‘_wp_attachment_metadata’ postmeta record, before falling back to its parent post/page’s publish date.

    Obviously that path can be further suffixed with a numeric folder on S3 if using Object Versioning.

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    It should, but it doesn’t on a fresh installation with only Offload S3 installed.

    You are sure it should work? Then i would take a look into the source.

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