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  • I am having the same mod_rewrite issues many are having while attempting to use W3 Total Cache with 3.3.1 however, my question relates directly to, which mod_rewrite statement I should be using with wordpress..

    The call for the IFModule statement that WordPress uses id mod_rewrite.c I have checked through my Apache build on this Centos server I am trying out, and it would appear the module is actually called,

    Is there a difference between the .c and .so? Should I change that statement to Will the .so break wordpress? These are just a few questions I have concerning the changes to 3.3.1 and a plethora of other plugins that simply did not stay up to date, or possiby awaiting the final release in the 3.3.# series before moving forward…


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  • @ rsgrone

    Actually the IfModules are really not needed. They are used in case there’s something wrong with the rules enclosed within them and they keep your site from breaking. So with the IfModules in place what they tell Apache what to do if these rules don’t work, then close them silently as if they didn’t do anything. So the directives within an <IfModule> section are only processed if the test is true. (Sorry if I’m not quoting this right, but that’s the idea.)

    The IfModules are actually a waste of server resources and never really allow you to know if your rules are actually working.

    I may get flamed for this, but if it were me, I’d remove all IfModules for the sake of the performance hit alone as they shouldn’t be required.

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