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    Hello everyone.

    I wanted to contribute an experience I had with my website and how I somehow solved my issue with rewrites not working.

    Last month after an update, I received an error saying rewrites were not working. Not too sure of the specific error message but the red box said there was a configuration error. I got so tired of fixing the issue that I ended up removing the plugin and reverted to loading the full size images.

    Fast forward to tonight whilst trying to fix a rewrite issue on my DirectAdmin panel, and found that clearing all site cookies fixed my rewrite problem!

    I ended up doing the same with my WordPress site and reinstalled the plugin. Conversion was successful AND I see the WEBP files in DevTools!

    Wanted to share this with y’all. It may work, it may not. I had never touched my .htaccess or .conf files after installing the plugin, so that may have been the issue.

    Next time the plugin updates, I will try and see if clearing cookies fixes the problem if I get a rewrite error. Also, thank you Mr. Gbiorczyk for the incredible plugin!

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    Hello @simsnet,

    Thanks for your message. Thank you very much for information.

    It’s very strange. I think that when cleaning the site cookies, other things are also cleaned. But it is really valuable information.

    Do you have the ability to send any screenshots in a mini tutorial format?


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    You’ll lose your current WP login session and that of any sites linked with your site (i.e., Facebook Chat Plugin) if you clear your cookies, but you can login again in seconds.

    If I get the error again I will try to reproduce the steps and check for a fix.

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    @simsnet Thanks!

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