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    Hi all.

    I changed two things in the last week and now my Docs to WordPress is doing weird things. It will import a handful of files (so far b/w 2-5), but when it goes to grab more, it will overwrite the last post.

    For instance, say we’re grabbing files 1-10 from Drive. We’ll get:

    Post 1
    Post 2
    Post 3

    And then that’ll change to:

    Post 1
    Post 2
    Post 4


    Post 1
    Post 2
    Post 5

    Until it goes through the entirety of files. Also, the files in Drive are being appropriately moved from Origin to Destination – they’re just not propagating individual posts.

    Has anyone else encountered this? I don’t know if it’s because we’ve implemented CloudFlare since our last set of imports (I switched CloudFlare into Developer Mode to see if that would remedy the situation, but no dice) or did the recent update to WordPress 5.7 finally do us in?

    I’m currently backstepping one of our sites to 5.6.1 to see what happens. But if anyone has any idea on what could be causing this, please let me know.


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    I’ve confirmed that this is happening in both 5.7 and 5.6.1 – all of my posts are coming in as revisions to one post, rather than individual posts. That makes me think it’s CloudFlare, but I don’t know what to look for in order to resolve the problem. I’ve tried temporarily disabling CloudFlare, but it hasn’t fixed the issue. This makes me question how ‘disabled’ it actually is from clicking that button, but I’m hesitant to completely remove a site for testing.

    My workaround at the moment has been to dive into the phpMyAdmin side of things and alter the actual wp_posts table in the database. This is what I’ve been changing on each ‘revision’:

    post_status – from ‘inherit’ to ‘draft’
    post_name – from ex: ‘12345-revision-v1’ to blank
    post_parent – change value to ‘0’
    post_type – from ‘revision’ to ‘post’

    It works, but damned inconvenient for the long run. Please, hit me with some knowledge.

    You still out there, @piantadosi? ;^)

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    All this wailing and gnashing of the teeth and it turned out to be…*drumroll*…a frelling plugin conflict. The bizarre thing is that I have eight sites that are set up damn near identical, so why is this plugin, WP-Optimize, only causing problems on some of the sites and not all of them?
    I’ll either spend a few hours trying to nail it down, or just turn the damn thing off every time I need to import.

    This has been your once-in-a-blue-moon yelling into the void.

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