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Rewrite a directory to a multisite in its own directory

  • Hi all,

    1. I have an existing non WP site at domain.com.
    2. I have installed WP 3.5.1 with Multisite in it’s own directory, domain.com/wp
    3. I have a WP site setup at domain.com/wp/site
    4. I want to rewrite domain.com/wp/site to domain.com/site without affecting the existing non WP site at domain.com

    I trust this makes sense. I have read and re-read “Giving WordPress Its Own Directory” in Codex however this article talks specifically about rewriting your entire domain to your WP dir. I have also searched through numerous articles and posts for this particular scenario but unable to find.

    If anyone has a suggestion or can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

    Many thanks,

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  • In theory, you can do that. Just treat it like you would for ‘own directory’ and add in your extra folder.

    Thanks for the reply, that’s what I thought originally but couldn’t get things happening.

    As per the Codex, I’ve copied in index.php and .htaccess to domain.com/site making the appropriate edit to the path in index.php.

    In site settings I have updated the following…
    siteurl = domain.com/wp/site
    home = domain.com/site
    Path on the Info tab remains as /wp/site/

    I’ve even updated Permalinks for the fun of it, however, when I go to domain.com/site WP tells me not found and if I use http://www.domain.com/site, it redirects me to the main WP site (domain.com/wp/) and not domain.com/site as expected.

    I’m obviously doing it wrong.

    I’m still working on this if anyone has any further ideas. A couple of updates since the last post…

    I am hosting with Dreamhost and noticed that the default AllowOverwrite was set to None. I’ve since changed it to All and restarted apache.

    I have also noticed no matter what settings I set and apply in the permalinks, WP doesn’t seem to write to the .htaccess file, even though it gives you the impression it has, “Permalink structure updated”. If I check the modified date on .htaccess it hasn’t shifted since the day I installed WP. If I check permissions on .htaccess they are currently 644, same issue if I test with permissions set to 777.

    If I rename the htaccess file and save permalinks WP doesn’t recreate the htaccess file.

    I’m really not sure if the above are normal or significant?

    If you read the whole thing about giving WP it’s own directory, you saw the part about how that needs to happen before you get to Multisite? No one’s documented how to move Multisite to it’s own folder.

    it might actually be easier to just move the /wp/site/ install to /site/ instead.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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