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  • maybe this was discussed, and in my own forum searches i’ve turned up a few related discussions – but what i’m trying to do is create a standard modification to author rights that are consistent with publications and normal pub industry stuff.
    specifically: a ‘contributing’ author gets a login with pw, when logged in, he/she may work on a draft and save a draft – BUT once published, he/she has NO rights to edit the post. additionally, he/she has no rights to edit any other site element (comments on such postings etc) –
    ideally: a ‘contributing’ author submits a finished draft by clicking ‘publish’ and then it goes to a moderation queue similar to any site admin moderation procedure, at which point the site admin ‘approves for publication’ to the main site.
    has this been done via a mod already? trying not to torture my developer with this yet because he’s way busy working on some other wp integration items.
    IF a contributor is able to edit a previously published piece, then the site admin assumes a NEW level of liability – this particular issue makes it impossible for me to currently accept contributors directly via the login. what i’ve actually been doing is having contributors send articles directly to me for posting under my name (i can also create a name for contributors, i know that) – this allays those fears for the time being…

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  • I have not seen, nor do I think there currently is, such a mod, though I can certainly see its usefulness for those who are using WP as more than a “personal publishing tool” – which many of “us” are.
    This may open up a nice discussion. Even this forum has been tweaked so that we cannot edit posts after a certain amount of time – and it makes perfect sense why.

    I have done something similiar actually.
    I’ll be doing it more full on when I convert to a full blown WP install, however, mine works *slightly* differently.
    Instead of denying users access to their posts once they hit that “publish” button, there simple is no publish button. Editors (level3) have the ability to see lower level drafts, and when they read them, they can publish them to the blog.
    In addition, the concern of “pre-publish editing” was taken into account. If any changes are made to the post after publishing, the post is reset to draft status and has to be published by a lvl3 user again. This seemed to be an acceptable way for my purposes.
    Lastly though, hacking the wp-admin/edit.php to simply say for the lvl1 user “sorry, this post has been published” would not be very difficult.
    Regardless of the exact methodology, I do not think there is a plugin that can handle this, you will probably need to get into the nitty-gritty and hack away.

    I solved this for me in this case that any registered user with user_level <= 1 can only produce drafts, the admin (user_level=10) can edit these, and publish them.
    Here are my diffs: (for wordpress-1.2.1) (wp-admin directory)
    Every User with user_level <= 1 can only produce drafts. The admin (user_level=10) sees these drafts in Edit->Posts with the original author, and can set them to “publish”.
    Thanks for any Comments in advance.

    Thank Tirili,
    I used your codes on my and they’re working just great!
    Thanks once again.

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