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  • I am using CrowdPress theme with the astoundify plugin, and I believe the following issue is related to the plugin and NOT CrowdPress:

    I setup a new test campaign with a single reward option. I set up the option with 2 available.

    I test purchased the reward twice. I revisited the campaign and it said “All Gone” or something under the reward (great!), but then I was still able to click on the reward and purchase it. It now says: “LIMIT OF 2 — -1 REMAINING”

    Is there a way to prevent the system from selling additional rewards if the option is sold out–so it doesn’t go to negative inventory remaining?

    I like that the system supports custom pledging for arbitrary pledge amounts, and grants the reward if a custom pledge is greater than or equal to the reward option price. But, again, this should not occur if the reward is sold out.


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  • Hi galengm,

    Can you provide the URL of the page where this is occurring?


    Here’s an example where the reward is in negative inventory (and you can continue to get the reward):

    Here’s an example where the reward is “All gone!” but you can nevertheless click to purchase another:

    (also, I just noticed the count amount/total pledged at the top of the campaign never changes from $0 — this may be an issue with the CrowdPress theme)

    Thanks for any insights.

    Hi galengm,

    I see that you’re using the Crowdpress theme. I recommend contacting the developer of the theme as this seems to be an issue with the theme and the implementation of our plugin, rather than with the plugin itself.



    Did you have any luck with this? I just launched on Crowdpress and want to make sure this doesn’t bite me.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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