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  • Ok,
    Here is the situation:
    There are a few very dedicated and helpful people who often solve users problems. They do it for a number of reasons, possibly the main one being it’s actually nice to help people! But, they receive no real reward and I think they deserve it.
    So here are a couple of ideas:
    1. At the bottom of every topic are a few check boxes with the names of the people who have replied to the post. When your issue is resolved you check the box of the most helpful person (Could be two people, so check two boxes!). Every six months the checks are totalled and the winner receives either a book from their wish-list or something similar. Worry about the where the cash comes from in a minute.
    2. Every six months the total number of responses is counted. (Not original posts). The winner is the person with the most. This one is obviously open to abuse and would need some sort of check to ensure people don’t just make stupid replies. I believe that the people who really help here would do that but you have to check.
    3. Every month you simply vote for the Helper of the Month, these names would need to be nominated beforehand.
    I know you’ve been thinking “Well, where the hell is the cash coming from to pay for this stuff?”
    Two thoughts spring to mind.
    Firstly donations specifically for this project. A regular cash drive to encourage users to donate a buck or two.
    Sponsorship could be another option. I don’t know what links WP has but maybe they could do a deal in exchange for a bit of advertising etc.
    If the guys at WP set this up I will happily donate $10 to start things off. I have been helped a lot and I want to repay their time and effort.
    One last point, has anybody suggested a special paid support area? Maybe you pay $2/3 per problem but they stick with you to solve it. Any solutions could then be incorporated into the next WP version.

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  • I think helping people should be out of generocity, not out of potential for reward.
    IMO no one will go back once their issue is solved to check who helped them. This is a similar idea to Turtle Dollars at Web Design Forums and honestly, not that many people use them. Nor the Answered/Unanswered question.
    As for paid support, I don’t honestly think there’s enough people out there that would be willing to help for that little money. It’s nice to be able to help on your free time but putting money in it means people expect prompt results. $2-$3 an issue is nothing compared to what most of the people that help make on their regular jobs.

    I’m not suggesting that the reason people will help others is for financial reward but that it would be nice to try to repay them. Don’t you think that if you helped me deal with a troubling issue and I offered to buy you a book as a thank you, you would be pleased?
    I have to agree with your second point about people checking back after their issue is resolved. However I think it’s bad manners not to post at least a “Thank You” note. Perhaps it’s says something about the average WP user
    The $2/3 would go to WP, not the individual who helped them. I see it as a way for WP to gain as well as the users. You are probably correct about peeople expecting faster results and that might be a problem.
    Thanks for your comments.

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