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    Just an idea.

    As we know affiliate users via invite link could create lots of spam accounts (one user will create accounts himself to get points for affiliate…)

    Is it possible to DELAY reward based on new accounts activity?

    For example:
    Reward for registering new user on site via affiliate is 1000 points – but ONLY after NEW affiliated registered user will earn 100 points on site.

    So, we have 3 users registered via affiliate link.
    2 of them earned 100+ points each withing 5 days, 3rd account is inactive (0 points).
    So owner of affiliate link (creator) will get 2000 points for 3 registered users, because TWO new users were active (possibly 1000 extra IF 3rd user will get required 100 points)

    This way we can avoid spam accounts created only to get points.

    Can it be implemented?

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  • Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @odinn

    I suppose you are using the integration between GamiPress and AffiliateWP, right?

    Since you are getting fraudulent referrals/user accounts is recommendable to add some stronger security methods to avoid this issue like IP blocking or binding IP to user accounts to prevent accounts with same IP

    Some security plugins offer this type of protection and not just by IP, they will geolocate the user accounts so will be more restrictive with user accounts that have similar (or same) geolocation details

    Also, a way to prevent fraudulent actions related to gamification is reducing the amount of what you are awarding, for example instead of give 1000 points that could be a succulent amount to create spam accounts, reduce it to 100 or 10 to force affiliates to really get referrals

    Just think how advertising placement service works, they report you a few cents per click, so to get a great amount of money, you really will need a great amount of clicks

    Hope it helps you

    Best regards


    I’m more interested in interaction between OLD user & INVITED user.
    Not really talking about AffiliateWP, but something similiar you could implement at some point.

    Simply old user would get points (set in automatic points awards) for new invited user ONLY if new user will earn some points for himself (hes being active).


    when: “new user registered via invite link” “1” times limited to “unlimited” earns “500” points then invite link owner gets “1000”points with maximum number of times to earn it “1” (or per invited user…)

    It could be point based or rank based.
    I recon rank based could be easier to implement.

    Its just an idea.

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    Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @odinn

    Thank you so much for your suggestions

    The “new user registered via invite link” is exactly what an affiliate system does

    Those systems exists because in not so simple to determine when a new account has registered thanks to an already user because there is a huge number of internal checks that makes it posible

    Best regards

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