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  • Definitely a bold revolution – but also definitely the right path.

    Keep doing exactly what you’re doing and the community will take care of the rest with creating every block imaginable to use with it. Faster, lighter, simpler, love it!

    Blocks Rock!

    Everything will be a block soon from what I gather; so goodbye pagebuilders, widgets, shortcodes, many custom post types, separate sidebar admin, menu admin, etc, etc.

    Simple and powerful concept and actually a good way to clear out all the legacy unmaintained stuff out there at the same time – and encourage simple, consistant standards.

    I can only guess many of the negative reviews are from plugin and pagebuilder authors seeing much of what they have done becoming redundant and not having the appetite to evolve.

    Tough, find a new focus on enabling content in the infinite ways this makes possible or make your own CMS and sell proprietary solutions to your niche if that’s your business model.

    Don’t believe the negative reviews – this is exactly the right direction.

    # Don’t look at old reviews, they are mostly out of date now.

    * Metaboxes are working in the main column below the editor, where they belong too.
    * Classic Editor is still available – although redundant if you’re building a new site.
    * Nested Blocks work nicely, just needs documenting and blocks designed for it.
    * Columns are easy to implement.
    * Full-width and Wide content is easy to do with a theme setting to support them.
    * Page templates work nicely.
    * Woocommerce does need to pull their fingers out though! (Categories & Tags boxes missing)

    Probably doesn’t help the overall rating to be developing it so publically. I don’t think any website builders would want this kind of client feedback on work-in-progress.

    But! These guys have risen above that – and opened the doors to all kinds of feedback because they are smart and know that feedback is the most valuable commodity to a developer! Among it will be lots of inspiration and improvements from so many eyes on the prize of a simple and fast solution for consistent website building & content creation.

    Finally a way to simply implement design patterns into the theme so that content creators can focus on the quality of the content with a consistent brand theme without having to become a designer, developer and plugin conflict researcher too.

    # Suggestions

    The automatic showing of the next block before it is created is unnecessary – that should only be shown at the top of a blank page.

    A simple centred [+] icon above and below a block, on hover, would be sufficient – without showing the arbitrary last 3 block types used either.

    Follow your own principles of K.I.S.S. and de-clutter that unnecessary embellishment and I’d be very, very happy if you did that. Or at least make it an option to show/hide 😉

    Keep on Rockin’ the Blocks!

    # Recommended further reading:

    [ Massive list of links redacted ]

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    Hi, and thank you for your comprehensive review. But I have redacted the list of links. I would have redacted one link as that is not what the reviews here is for.

    Links in reviews have been horribly abused in the past and yes, it’s the bad folks who ruin it for the rest. Please keep your review here and not add any links.

    Pleasure & understood 😉

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