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    We have Revolution Slider running on our Home page. Currently there are 4 pictures and 2 of them link to other pages on our site. The settings are such that when the mouse cursor is placed over the slider picture the loading should pause, the manual forward/reverse arrows appear, and the link should be active on the 2 pictures that have links.

    The problem is that these actions only occur when the mouse cursor is in the top 1/5th of the picture, or not at all – depending on your screen resolution. On monitors where the Home page does not all appear (scrolling required) the top 1/5th of the picture recognizes the cursor is over it, but has no effect when placed on the rest of the picture. On monitors that can display the entire Home page, there is no recognition that the cursor is over the picture at all.

    In addition, on monitors where scrolling of the Home page is required, the Revolution Slider does not scroll at the same rate as the page – so it ends up dropping down the page and being behind the text that should be below the slider.

    We have used Revolution Slider for many months and made many changes with no issue. This happened recently when someone other than me was making 2 changes to the site – 1) changing 2 of the slider pictures and adding links to them, and 2) changing the default background from a solid color to an image (and changing some individual page backgrounds). I really can’t tell you if these are related as I don’t know what settings they changed or if they added/changed css. That person has been unable to identify the cause as well.

    It can be seen at

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  • Chad Adams



    I visited your link, and it seems like you figured out what was wrong.

    I’m having almost the exact same issue (only the top of the slide is linked). Could you possibly let me know how you fixed it?


    Unfortunately I couldn’t fix it. Tried everything I could think of. Finally gave up with the Revolution Slider and changed to Layer Slider. It works great now.

    Thanks for getting back to me. What ended up fixing the issue for me was inserting the rev slider php code in the page template and specifying which pages I wanted the slider to appear on.

    For whatever reason that fixed the issue for me.

    This is the code I used from the rev slider settings:
    <?php putRevSlider("home-slider","homepage") ?>

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