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    Any helpful details, or do you expect me to install some random slider plugin I have never used to test and debug it myself to help you for free?

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    You are so FUNNY

    To say that you have not heard of Revolution Slider

    some random slider plugin


    Bye Bye
    plugin deleted and ignorant author.

    Wow, LEXit what an unpolite dude you are…

    unfortunately, LEXit is right (about the problem, his behaviour sucks). Revolution Slider is safe to test and one of the best slider plugins out there. I just don’t know if you can test it for free.
    I’m not sure what details you need: Well, the photos in the slider just don’t show up. It just stays blank. I wondered if there’s a chance to give the pictures classes to skip them, but there’s no such option in the Revolution Slider options.
    I’ll appreciate if if you manage to solve this issue as I really like your plugin.
    Thanks and cheers!

    Hm, it also doesn’t work with the article images of my blog: it only displays the first two images, but doesn’t load the ones of the following articles. The theme I use is Beach Please (by Apollo13).
    Here are the links for you to check it out:
    1. The slider is down at the end of the page
    2. The slider is on top of the page.
    3. My blog

    (I’ll deactivate your plugin in some days, but I’ll keep it active for a while so you can check it.)

    Sorry for writing another comment, but: I found the solution for the Revolution Sliders! 🙂

    There’s an option in the general settings of each slider which is called – big surprise – “lazy load”. You can switch between “on” and “off”. And guess what: “on” means it works with your plugin.
    There’s just this problem with my blog left. Would be great to get that one done, too. 🙂

    One suggestion: Add an option that allows us to exclude the lazy load from certain URLs on our websites. Like:

    Disable BJ Lazy Load on these pages:

    Do you want to disable lazy load on subpages as well?:

    x yes o no


    sorry, but the developers of my theme told me which lazy load plugin is compatible with my theme. So I already switched. But anyway: Would be great to know if you make changes like I suggested above. Your plugin is way easier to use and also felt a bit faster…


    Plugin Author bjornjohansen


    Thanks you for all the feedback Kenika!

    I am going to implement an option to disable/enable lazy loading for specific post types, and I believe that would have worked well in your case (disabling for all sliders).

    Happy you found a solution.

    Sounds great!
    And as I said: Coming back to your plugin is definitely an option as it’s way easier to use. I’ll have a look at your changelog from time to time.

    Hello all!

    I have the same issue with another slider : master-slider.

    In my frontpage i have a slider on. When i active the lazy load to content, he break it, and i don’t have the master slider. But, strange, i have a widget of master slider, it working well.

    You can see in my frontpage : (the slider is active)
    and on this page where my widget of the slider :

    I will wait for your future update with “specific post/page”. I think it would be perfect with this feature !!

    Do you have a little eta for this?

    Thanks in advance !

    Encountering the same problem, one possible solution would be that classes for exclusion work cascading.
    For example

    <div class="exclude">

    And now adding the exclude class to be ignored would cause the image to be ignored by lazy load no matter how many layers deeper it is.

    Should solve the problem with Revolution slider and probably a few other situations.

    hey guys…this is very urgent and i am a total newby at wordpress and revolution slider. my revolution slider stopped working and i have no idea what i did (i was just browsing on the settings/not changing anything..)

    this is the site:

    any idea would be greatly appreciated..

    Hi Bj�rn Johansen,

    I am using the Revolution slider inside the Marble Theme.
    In the main slider , slides have been created and images from the gallery have been assigned, as per the documentation.

    The slider loads on the homepage but does not load the images.

    I tried the solution suggested by Kenika above to change the lazy load option in general setting to “on”. By doing so the entire slider itself does not load.And when changed back to “off” the slider loads but no images.

    Can you help?


    for comment above The URL in discussion is

    Eu estava com o mesmo problema com o Revolution Slider, não mostrava nenhum dos slides. Eu desenvolvo em sites com WordPress sem usar temas prontos, faço meus próprios códigos. geralmente uso apenas um arquivo index.php. Mas…. para teste usei a estrutura do wordpress, separando Footer e Header em arquivos diferentes, e usando na Index.php as chamadas (get_footer, wp_header).

    Aí os sliders funcionaram, tanto no RS como em qualquer outro plugin.

    Testem aí.

    Caso precisem, meu email:


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